A few of our testimonials ...

SEO Wirral Testimonial 1:
“Steve has taken our existing website and got us onto page one, quickly, without fuss and at a very reasonable cost”, Ainsley Tidd, AT Transport.

SEO Wirral Testimonial 2:
“My website was getting a few hundred visits every month, after Steve was finished with my site I am now receiving over a 1000 hits per month and all my categories are on the first page of Google. One of Steve’s strength’s is his advice on how best to help my business. I would strongly recommend using Steve’s services to enhance and improve not only your website but business.”, Russel Davidson, Russel davidson photography.

SEO Wirral Testimonial 3:
"What can I say about this business? Hopefully not too much as I don’t want our competitors to know!! After having difficulties with my previous SEO company the outlook for the company was bleak. Our work revenue was coming from previous clients and customers. We weren’t generating any new leads or most importantly new revenue streams. We went through a 3-4-week period were the office phone didn’t ring once. For a small business like ourselves you can imagine the despair this brought. We had to let go our sub-contractors and brace ourselves. This was a low time for all involved, as Steve will clarify!!! I can honestly say that we were a week away from closing the business, we knew something was wrong but didn’t know what to do.
We phoned some other local SEO companies and asked for advice, we were grateful but we didn’t feel confident in what they were saying.  We then contacted Steve Ebbrell Design and SEO and told them our story. I can honestly say from that first telephone call we knew as a company all was not lost. There was Hope. Steve told us what he thought was wrong and how he could fix our situation. For once we had faith that a company knew what they were talking about and that they could deliver. I’d say within 3-4 days we were getting noticed, the phone started ringing…… at last !!!!! to say we were grateful was an understatement. It’s been a steady advancement and we are now making very good progress as a business and have completed some decent size contracts. Month on month we are growing. This is all down to the team at Steve Ebbrell Design and SEO. The first-class service they provide is refreshing and exciting and I would recommend this company to everyone…. Only keep it a secret…….. shhhhh!"  Nick, Managing Director, local Wirral company.


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